I don’t think I’ve worked with any professional who has worked harder to please and represent a client. She was unbelievably generous with her resources and her and my valuable time, and she was always seeking to know exactly what I was looking for. She really went well beyond the extra mile to accommodate me on my short visit to Santa Fe. A client needs to know that Emily is intense and focused. There is no messing around! She has one objective, to find the right home in the right location. I was very impressed with how well she knew Santa Fe and all its neighborhoods and community resources. I had done what I thought was my “homework” in preparing for my visit and search, but Emily had so much more she wanted me to do. Between visits to homes Emily was consulting changing MLS listings and connecting with her office assistant to get me immediate and up to date information. I did more in two days than I suspect most house hunters do in 2 weeks. I would not hesitate to recommend Emily or work with Emily again.