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Emily Medvec

Emily Medvec loves Santa Fe and knows Santa Fe real estate in a time of both certainty and uncertainty.Today, our local real estate market is SHIFTING and seeking normality following the two-year pandemic housing boom and the recent interest rate shock.

Emily brings solutions to the table in this time of low inventory and volatile mortgage rates. 


Rent Vs. Buy

Even though the most recent index on affordability from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows homes are more affordable today than the historical average, some still have concerns about whether or not it’s truly affordable to buy a home right now

Emily is WONDER WOMAN, her knowledge & expertise in real estate is far beyond the the average local realtor.
She helped us sell our house and purchase another, both transactions turned out to be complicated but she was able to handle ALL sides
If you wish to sell your property.
..choose Emily! She is beyond intelligent, seasoned, thorough, clever, compassionate and creative. She will explore every detail: legal, historic, physical, conditional, in addition to amenities. She will promote your property and protect your rights. She will mentor and advise you before allowing you to make a single decision or sign a single document without reviewing it. She will become your champion! I chose Emily because of her resourceful “staging” of a house I had looked at as a rental (that I found greatly overpriced), when she sold that house for an unimaginable price, shortly thereafter, She is a problem solver and will somehow find a solution for any problem, as you a seller may face. Emily is no nonsense, communicative, direct, and kind. Your welfare will always come first. She will sell your house! I recommend her 1000%
Emily goes above and beyond for her clients.
She has hired me to do energy clear for a couple of her properties that were troublesome. I enjoyed working with her and was impressed by her willingness to do “what it takes” to get her properties under contract. She’s a true professional.
I had actually tried to contact another [well-known] realtor who never returned my calls, so I picked Emily, who was the next person on Zillow’s list.
Emily is the whole package: she is smart, thorough, empathetic, and tough as a bulldog when she needs to be. From the get-go, I appreciated that she took the time to explain things thoroughly—even before we were officially working together. She loves to share her knowledge and has [seemingly] boundless energy and initiative. At some points, I was saying “Emily, let’s slow down a bit!,” but she helped us get an awesome house in an extremely competitive market—quickly and seamlessly. We would not have been able to do it without her. The thing that impressed me the most is that she treats the whole transaction as if it were her own. After we put in our offer, she made sure that we got the right contractors, and that things were cleaned up and in perfect order. Even some things that didn’t especially bother me, like a pile of cut wood leftover from constuction–she said “No, no that won’t do!” She even helped us find the perfect realtor to market our house back East. You can’t go wrong with Emily. I am so glad the other realtor didn’t pick up!

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Mistakes Santa Fe Home Buyers Make

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Thinking about

Selling or Buying a Home

If you’re planning to buy and/or sell this year, the keys to success will both patience & strategy, given today’s low inventory environment.

I strategize the best time to sell and buy. You will receive the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family. If your house isn’t worth what you think, then I will tell you. I am  not just here to get a deal. Call me for a strategy session so you can be best prepared. 


With Emily

I am your go to local agent to help you access the most impressive listing platforms in the market place. Contact me today for a free consultation for buying, selling, renting or investing in Santa Fe.