Santa Fe NM Stats: lst Qtr 2024

Santa Fe NM Stats: lst Qtr 2024

On April 4, 2024, the Santa Fe Association of Realtors reported this news about our local Santa Fe housing market.

  • County home sales increased by 4.4% from 135 units sold in 2023 compared to 141 units in the same Quarter of 2024.  County median home prices rose by less than 1% from $750,000 in 2023 to $755,000 this quarter.  
  • During this same period, City of Santa Fe median home prices rose by nearly 4% from $510,000 in the 1st Quarter of 2023 to $530,000 this quarter.  City home sales dropped by 6.9% with 149 units sold this quarter compared to 160 in the 1st Quarter of 2023.  
  • The overall volume of home sales rose from $239.6M in 2023 to $263.5M in the 1st Quarter of 2024 or by 10.1%.
  • Condo and townhome sales fell this quarter with a total of 59 units sold compared to 71 in the 1st Quarter of 2023.  The median price of condo/townhomes increased by 14.6% or from $392,500 in the 1st Quarter of 2023 to $450,000 in 2024. 
  • Overall land sales dropped by 15.9% from 44 in the 1st Quarter of 2023 to 37 this quarter.  Overall median land prices rose by 17.9% from $134,000 in 1st Quarter of 2023 to $158,000 this quarter.  The volume of land sales fell by 24.3% or from $9.8M in 2023 to $7.4M in the 
  • Looking at the data, the association finds that the inventory of single family homes for sale in the City and County of Santa Fe increased modestly by 6.4% from a total of 280 in the 1st Quarter of 2023 to 298 this quarter with a 2.6 month’s supply of inventory. 
  • Days on Market until Sale tracked at 61 days for single family homes and 61 days for condos/townhomes this quarter.

Today our Santa Fe real estate market data is unprecedented following the pandemic boom and nearly a 40% in home prices, our changing demographics, the lack of affordable housing for our local workforce, surging consumer debt due to inflation, unpredictable interest rates and the major changes coming soon (July 2024) in the home buying process due to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) settlement for recent litigation.

This is why knowing current value of your property is critical. Our local Santa Fe real estate market is adjusting after the pandemic housing boom to more changes in our economy with surging consumer debt and unpredictable mortgage interest rates. So knowing YOUR property value is the best way to monitor and maintain your FINANCIAL HEATH. At the same time, improving and monitoring your credit score is important. Are you wondering where to begin?

Like many of my peers, I can provide you with a comparative market analysis. In my experience, most people on the move want more. If you are a Seller, I am partnered with eXp Realty to offer you an instant home value at no cost. By clicking this instant home value link, you will receive a detailed home price estimate…and what your neighbors homes are selling for! If you are a Buyer who wants more CURRENT details, I can give you more leverage with market information such as average listing price, price drops, new listings, etc. instantly by clicking on this my Market Report link.

What’s my take or the rest of the story and trends behind the numbers? It depends if you are selling or buying. In both cases, it is critical to be looking through the front windshield and not the rear view mirror. It is important to know if inventory if increasing or falling. By clicking on this link, you can see the current supply of single family homes and condos and townhomes has increased substantially. More inventory typically means more choice for qualified buyers. Yet, longer days on market does put downward pressure on prices. As we enter the 2024 Spring selling season, increasing inventory is a positive trend for qualified buyers and investors. What is challenging is how increasing mortgage interest rates will impact future buyer demand. The data from the 2024 2nd Quarter, available in July, will provide a better clue on our local market trends.

However, in my experience, it is not possible for sellers or buyers to “time” the market. Yes, we have more information available at our finger tips which at times can be confusing especially if you ONLY read the headlines. Every market is local and within each market there are neighborhood and subdivision mini-markets. What is happening in those markets depends not only on the supply and demand of properties, but how future property taxes, homeowner insurance costs, HOA fees, the future impact of City of Santa Fe affordable housing 3% tax (on sales over 1mn), rising shadow new construction inventory and more. If you are on the move, do not let only mortgage interest rates (now over 7%) determine your selling or buying decisions.

Bottom Line: Take the time now to begin to evaluate your real estate needs and dreams, your current housing situation and begin to explore your options to plan ahead. Why? Our Santa Fe market always has opportunities! I am available for a consultation to help you outthink the shifts in our market. Click here to schedule a consult or email me your questions here. I hope you found this information valuable today. Thank you for reading, Emily Medvec. Now let’s connect soon!